Sunday, May 10, 2015

Planting the Seed: Grew into a Tree

The day after I met Cora (Planting the Seed: Knocking Doors) my bags were packed to leave Argentina. Meeting Lucas'  and Cora's family made my trip worthwhile. I also had a wonderful time with my internship, teaching the self-reliance workshop, and getting to know the Argentina young adults who became my friends.

Before I left I had one last thing to do. One last stop at the office to turn in paperwork and say goodbye. In the lobby I saw a friend, Natan. Natan was one of the first friends I made in Argentina and we hung out on a fairly regular basis. I told him I was leaving for the airport soon but I was hoping to return someday with my Dad. I made reference to the areas my Dad had served in (all of which I knew by name because of my Family Home Evening emails). As I listed the names Natan perked up when I said Godoy Cruz.  He told me that his family was from Godoy Cruz and long time members of the church. We agreed to keep in touch and that he would ask his father if he'd known a young Elder [T].

I returned to the U.S. feeling closer to my Dad than ever before. With Father's Day fast approaching I collected pictures I had taken of Lucas, Maria, Josue, and Cora's family.  I labeled each photo with names and something I had been told about my Dad. Then I received an email from Natan with photos and knowledge that his Dad had been friends with Elder [T] and had fond memories with him. Amongst these memories were recordings of my Dad singing and even dancing a traditional gaucho dance to entertain local members.

So, did my Dad's mission matter? Does yours? It may be hard to witness but your mission sure does matter to them. The bond that is created reminds us that we are all brothers and sisters no matter where we live or what we look like. The truth that you bring to their door allows them to realize there is something bigger than themselves and they aren't alone. The testimony you bear very likely could give them the strength to take  a chance and start their own business -- providing for their family and more missionaries to go out and serve.

It is explained in the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis that small things can gradually derail us and send us down the wrong path. Let us not forget that the same goes in doing good. A knock on a door, a contact on the street, a single lesson on the Plan of Happiness. This is how we plant the seed my brothers and sisters. Missionary work continues on to water it and someday it will grow into a beautiful tree with a strong foundation that can reach out on its own and plant even more seeds. It is my prayer that we will remember that every missionary matters and the mission never ends. I share these things with you in His name. For as we represent Him we will not fail. Amen

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