Sunday, April 12, 2015

Keep On Trying

As I attended church this week I found myself reminiscing on the past weekend and the wonderful words of LDS General Conference. Twice a year we have the opportunity to be uplifted by these wonderful men and women who serve in the name of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. This past week Elder Dale G. Renlund told a story where a mother tells her daughter

"The Church is like a big hospital and we are all sick in our own way. We come to church to be helped.” 
General conference is the same. We listen intently to receive inspiration on the trials that ail our minds; hoping to be rejuvenated. It has only been a week since General Conference but do we still remember the things which were taught? Will we only refer to the notes we made during the broadcast when our "sickness" returns, rather than before it does? We can't expect to make a full recovery if we start to feel better and expose ourselves to the bad conditions once more. We visit church every week but sometimes fall into the monotony of it all, forgetting to take it as what it is - our hospital where we must all seek out our own personal remedy.

May we all build the strength necessary to keep going and remember to keep taking our medicine.

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